Why RCW Financial

With over 50 years of experience and well over $2 billion in rare U.S. coin purchases, sales, and trades, the Contursi family is a recognized leader in the high-end collectible industry. They have been the custodian of 2 of the 3 most expensive United States rare coins and currently maintain the largest active inventory of rare coins in the world.
Prior to 2008, the Contursi family worked as a wholesaler and supplier of United States rare coins to the trade while also working with select private individuals on investment opportunities. After 2008 RCW saw an opportunity to provide value to investors and advisors seeking proven wealth preservation and capital appreciation vehicles. RCW Financial was created to work with investors seeking expertise, insight, and strategy with this uniquely non-correlated alternative asset class.

The Process

1) The first step is to speak with you or your advisor about your specific investment objectives and determine if rare coins are an appropriate asset class for you.
2) We will spend all the time necessary to discuss the different strategies that can be used with this asset class in order to provide the greatest benefit to you and/or your client.
3) If we collectively determine that an investment in United States rare coins could support your investment goals, we will provide a portfolio recommendation for your or your advisors to review.
4) Upon agreement and funding, we will arrange for physical delivery unless you choose to store and insure your assets through our firm.

The Relationship

Funding your portfolio is the just the beginning of our relationship. RCW will serve as advisor in the United States rare coin market to you and your heirs. If your heirs acquire the coins in the future, they will not be alone in attempting to understand and value the assets. We will advise your heirs of their options and work with them to ensure that their decisions will be executed to their satisfaction.
Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the strategic relationship we develop together. It is important to understand that these assets are extremely rare and are not regularly available on the market. Historically, when we sold coins to the trade we would no longer have access to them or have any knowledge of their location. By working with clients outside of our marketplace, we are able to privately place these rarities at a good value and retain knowledge of their whereabouts. This creates future opportunity for the client and RCW. As we become aware of buyers that are actively seeking rarities our clients own, we are able to bring offers to our clients. Although a client’s strategy may be a long term hold, these events give the clients control to take advantage of opportunities that are in the marketplace as they arise.