Discreetly Transfer Large Amounts of Wealth with Ease

Privacy & Portability

Transactions in the United States rare coin market are completely private. This is in sharp contrast to transactions in assets like real estate that have public records available to everyone. Additionally, transactions become quick and painless as there are no escrow processes or approvals needed by government regulatory bodies. Transactions in this industry do not require 1099 or K1 reporting.
Due to their small size rare coins provide their owner the ability to transport large amounts of wealth with ease. Rare coins are completely duty free in and out of the United States. This creates a huge advantage for individuals that may need to move wealth quickly and with ease.
United States rare coins are also exempt from Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting. Rare coins continue to be one of the few investment asset classes that do not require registration or government reporting upon purchase.
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