Summary: Steven L. Contursi, President of Rare Coin Wholesalers (RCW), and one of America’s most respected and renowned numismatic traders, recognized for his achievements in purchasing and selling two of the three most expensive rare coins, selects Daniel Lee, CEO of Liquid Bullion Coins and Collectibles and professional numismatist of 18 years, specializing in U.S. rare coins and bullion, as Senior Numismatist heading the new Houston, Texas branch of RCW.
Summary: Dr. Scott Sumner, the economist credited with popularizing the “nominal GDP targeting” policy which was adopted by the Federal Reserve and Bernanke, has written an article about the U.S. economy and its impact on the gold market.
April 8, 2015 - Irvine, CA - RCW Financial, a firm that assists individuals with a wide range of tangible investments, has released an article detailing a number of key issues to watch for when investing in bullion and coins.
Extensive information on tax laws impacting investments in tangible assets such as rare coins.
Economist Dr. Scott Sumner and RCW have released their latest report, titled “The Economic Update: The Current Investment Environment.” The report delves into some of the major contributing factors related to the current economic malaise in the United States. Citing issues like the prolonged decline of interest rates nationwide and the country’s lackluster employment growth in recent years, Dr. Sumner’s report provides some valuable insights into the state of the national economy and what it means for investors.
The 1792 Half Disme Donated by Steven Contursi, valued at $250,000, was on display at the ANA Money Show Atlanta. In December 2011, Steven Contursi donated the coin to the ANA museum as his way of giving back to an association that he has always believed in. The ANA’s collection originally featured a 1792 half disme, graded extremely fine, but the coin was stolen from the collection. Steve Contursi donated his 1792 half disme, graded AU58, which was featured at the Atlanta Money Show.
A Letter from Mark Salzberg -Monday, January 6, 2014
The Chairman of the Certified Collectibles Group thanks supporters and comments on last year's successes
Article from RCW Financial examines the potential impact the end of QE will bring to the US and global markets.
Back in February we warned that gold prices were projected to fall in 2013 & 2014 and we offered possible exit strategies to sell your gold.
Rare Coin Wholesalers (RCW) announced the release of their latest article, "Gold Prices and Inflation Fears." In the article, Dr. Scott Sumner, economist and writer for RCW, claims that the internet is full of commentators predicting high inflation, and they are using that argument to sell gold. He explains that since July 2008 inflation has averaged only about 1.2%, the lowest rate over any similar period since the mid-1950s.